Sherman Welding Helmet V7a

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| Brand: Sherman| Filter class: 1/2/1/2 | Darkening range: DIN 5 - 13 | Number of sensors: 4 | Field of view: 100x80mm | Sanding: YES |

The Sherman-profi V7a automatic welding helmet is designed to protect your eyes and face against sparks, spatter and harmful radiation during electric welding, braze welding, soldering, and grinding.

The automatic darkening filter automatically changes from light to dark after the arc is struck, and becomes bright again after welding. The use of full color reproduction technology TRUE COLOR ensures high comfort of work.

The V7a visor has three internal knobs enabling adjustment of the darkening level from 5 to 13 according to DIN, smooth adjustment of the sensitivity of the photo sensors' response to the arc intensity during welding and smooth adjustment of the dark/light switching delay time.

It is also possible to select a grinding mode in which the darkening filter switches to the light state without the option of darkening adjustment.Four photo sensorsguarantee the correct operation of the visor in all conditions and locations, which is particularly important when welding with low currents.

All switches and adjustment knobs are located inside the visor, preventing accidental changes to settings.

The V7a visor is equipped with an advanced, comfortable and ergonomic headgear, enabling perfect fit and full adjustment of the visor position. A special tilting system changes the center of gravity of the helmet in relation to the welder's head.

The internal control panel has a "Test" button which allows you to check the correct operation of the filter and a battery charge status indicator. The Sherman-profi V7a visor provides complete protection of the eyes and face against ultraviolet and infrared radiation. The UV/IR protection level is 16 (DIN), even when the filter becomes bright.

The helmet is ready for immediate use, it only requires adjustment to the size of the welder's head and the selection and setting of appropriate operating parameters.< /p>


  • Catalog number: 7812824
  • Darkening range: DIN 5 -13
  • Switching time - light/dark [s]: 1/25000
  • Switching time - dark/light [s]: 0.2 – 0.8
  • Sensitivity adjustment: Smooth
  • Welding/Grinding: Yes/Yes
  • Number of photo sensors: 4
  • Field of view [mm]: 100 x 80
  • UV/IR protection: DIN 16
  • Light state darkening: DIN 4
  • Filter optical class: 1/2/1/2
  • Power supply: Photocell, CR2032 battery
  • Enable/Disable: Automatic
  • Operating temperature range [°C]: -5 ÷ +55
  • Weight [kg]: 0.55


The "Test" button is used to check whether the filter is working properly. Select any darkening level and press the button. The filter will go to a dark state. When you release the button, the filter will brighten. If the filter does not darken after pressing the button, please contact the service.


The knob adjusts thedelay for switching the filterfrom dark to light after welding. Short delay time dependingIt is used when making short welds and during spot welding. A long delay time is useful when welding with high currents.


The sensitivity is adjusted using the knob. The sensitivity setting depends on the process being performed, lighting and other environmental conditions.

Typically, low sensitivity works well when welding with high currents and in conditions of intense natural lighting. High sensitivity is recommended when welding with low currents in low light conditions.


A useful feature that allows the welder to see real colors while welding, with a sharper image and better visibility.


Smooth darkening adjustment controlled from the panel on the left side of the visor.


The Sherman-profi V7a automatic welding helmet is equipped with a special, ergonomic tilting system that changes its center of gravity in relation to the welder's head. Adjust the visor's straps so that it is as low as possible on the head and as close to the face as possible.

  • Adjustable seating depth on the head to ensure proper balance and stability.
  • Adjusting the distance of the eyes from the visor filter
  • Head circumference adjustment
  • Adjusting the visor angle.


Low battery indication. When the LED lights up, the battery needs to be replaced.

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