ESAB Rogue EMP 210 PRO - Welding kit #2

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ESAB Rogue EM 210 PRO 0700301092 - WELDING KIT #2

Brand: ESAB | Welding methods: MIG/MAG, MMA | Power supply: 230V | Welding current: 210A | Efficiency: 30%


  • Esab Rogue EM 210 PRO
  • MXL 201 3 m welding torch
  • Power cable3 m with plug 230 V 16 A
  • Ground cable 3 m
  • Gas hose 4.5 mwith quick connector
  • ESAB OK AristoRod 12.50 0.8 mm 1 kg
  • ESAB GoldRox Rutile electrodes 2.5 x 350 mm, 1 kg
  • Feed rollers


  • Vogelmann MIX gas cylinder Argon/CO2
  • VogelmannGas regulatorProfi
  • Vogelmann Anti-spatter spray 400ml
  • Vogelmann Parts set 20 pieces
  • ESAB Welding helmet Sentinel A60

ESAB Rogue EMP 210 PRO is an inverter multi-process welding machine designed to meet all your welding needs, from light fabrication to repair and maintenance.

The system features industrial-grade performance and full-featured controls that allow the welder to fine-tune the arc characteristics depending on the material being welded

Intuitiveandsimplesetting of welding parameters makes the device suitable for virtually every user, while maintaining the highest quality of welding work performed in the workshop and in the field.

The ability to handle multiple processes combined with the device's low weight as well as its compact size make theRogue EM 210 PROreally versatile.

With a weight of only 16.7 kg, single-phase 230 V power supply and compatibility with10 kVA generators, this device provides maximum flexibility and mobility, both in the workshop and in the field.


  • Supply voltage: 230 VAC ±10%, 1-phase, 50/60 Hz
  • Energy saving mode: 50W

Rated MIG/MAG welding current:

  • 210 A / 24.5 V at 30%
  • 136 A / 20.8 V at 60%
  • 105 A / 19.2 V at 100%

Rated MMA welding current:

  • 180 A / 27.2 V at 30%
  • 116 A / 24.7 V at 60%
  • 90 A / 23.6 V at 100%

Rated TIG welding current:

  • 210 A / 18.0 V at 30%
  • 136 A / 15.4 V at 60%
  • 105 A / 14.2 V at 100%
  • Current range: 30-210 A
  • Voltage range: 12-26V

Wire diameter low alloy steel and stainless steel cored wire and aluminum:

  • 0.6–1.0 mm
  • 0.6–1.0 mm
  • Wire feed speed: 2.0-16.5 m/min
  • Max. latespool diameter:100 mm, 200 mm
  • Open-load voltage: 78 VDC
  • Efficiency at maximum current: > 82%
  • Power factor at maximum current: 0.99
  • Operating temperature: From -10 to +40°C
  • Protection class: IP23S
  • Dimensions: L x W x H including top handle 590 x 220 x 385 mm
  • Weight: 16.7 kg


  • Real multi-process devices with the functions of synergic and manual MIG/MAG welding with solid and cored wires, braze welding, TIG with Lift TIG and MMA ignition 
  • Intuitive 5.0-inch TFT screenprovides clear view and direct interaction
  • Synergetic welding programs - full range of welding parameters, 0.5-10.0 mm, available via single knob control
  • Power factor correction (PFC) – ensures arc stability and resistance to fluctuations in power parameters even when using extension cords up to 100 m long
  • Unique, heavy-duty industrial design with multiple lifting points and cable management
  • Arc Dynamics – Precisely adjust the arc characteristics to obtain a sharp/stiff arc for carbon steel or a soft arc for stainless steel
  • Programs – 10 individual memory saving/recall programs
  • Spool Gun Ready – Rogue automatically configures settings when the Spool Gun is connected.
  • IP23S protection for indoor and outdoor use


The unique technology in the devices is sure to impress anyone, regardless of whether they have been welding for two or 20 years.

Newbies have a basic mode for easy setup. For theveterans, built-in arc control is available, constantly monitoring the weld to ensure perfect results every time.


IP determines the degree to which the device is resistant to the penetration of solid and water contaminants. IP23S means that the device is suitable for operation inclosed rooms or on a construction site.


The device is protected against overheating by a protective installation that turns off the device's welding circuit. After a few minutes, the welding machine cools down to a temperature that allows it to be turned on automatically again.


Tungsten electrode welding in inert gas shield. The use of this method enables welding of all types of steel, i.e. carbon, alloy, stainless, acid-resistant, as well as copper alloys, e.g. bronze or brass.


The duty cycle is based on a 10-minute period. A 30% duty cycle means that a 7-minute break is required after 3 minutes of operation of the device. A duty cycle of 100% means that the device can work continuously, without interruption.


A method that uses a coated electrode, consisting of a metal core covered with a coating. The device allows welding with all types of electrodes, e.g. basic, cellulose, rutile or acid.


MIG/MAG welding using synergic settings. The deviceselects welding parametersdepending on the selected type and thickness of the material. These parameters can be changed by the user to adjust the settings to their own needs.


Standard connection for welding torches, which allows you to connect various types of torches (e.g. prepared for weldingAluminumby replacing the Teflon insert and contact tip).


The device enables brazing, used mainly in the automotive industry to join galvanized sheets together.


Arc welding under gas shielding is one of the most widely used processes for producing welded structures.


Thanks to variable polarity, it is possible to weld with the FLUX method with flux-cored wire without shielding gas. The wire is filled with flux that produces protective gases during welding.


The welder allows you to weld with a handle with a built-in wire feeder. The spool of welding wireD100is placed in the handle of the handle.

The use of the Spoolgun allows you to weld with two different wires without having to re-equip the welding machine. The Spoolgun holder is anadditional optionthat can be purchased at our other auctions.


Easy to useThe control panel allows precise and smooth adjustment of parameters. The Display indicates the actual current during welding. Comfortable and very clear manipulators allow you to change welding parameters even with gloves on.


The welding machine is equipped withtransport handlesproviding convenience when changing workplaces.


The device has afan cooling systemwhat to decide

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